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The Note: Trump crossing lines puts pressure on GOP

The TAKE with Rick Klein Why settle for busting brackets when you can blow up norms, traditions and bedrock principles? President Donald Trump spent his weekend crossing bright lines that once separated political involvement and matters concerning the justice system. Far from avoiding criticism of Read more

5 things that could disrupt the global status quo in 2018

Coverage of global affairs in 2017 focused on the big flashpoints -- North Korea, the fight against ISIS and the aftershocks of Russia’s election meddling. But along with the familiar narratives there were a few plot twists –- from deadly drones to advances in artificial intelligence to new Read more

The Note: How will the GOP reckon with the rise of 'Bannonism'?

The TAKE with Rick Klein Roy Moore may yet save a precious Senate seat for a Republican Party that’s back on his bandwagon. While he’s at it, he might be salvaging another political career: Steve Bannon ’s . Bannon’s appearance with Moore Tuesday in Alabama is a reminder that he was with him from Read more