Cardiovascular exercise

Belly fat is bad for your heart, researchers say

We know that carrying around extra weight puts your heart health at risk. New research presented on Friday to the European Society for Cardiology shows that the location of your fat is just as important as the amount of it. Adults with normal body mass index (BMI) and extra belly fat (termed Read more

August 30, 2000: 'Hopkins 24/7'

And they're. Johns Hopkins. Baltimore Maryland. For three months he BC news was given unprecedented access inside. It's leading hospitals. Four hours today. Seven days a week. Jonas was amount to witness intimate. Moments and when really things in mind and Sinai hospital. The instruments. Person Read more

These are the best times to exercise to lose weight, run faster

The key to crushing your fitness goals may come down to something as simple as changing the time you workout. If you want to run faster and lift heavier, research shows you should hit that snooze button and workout in the afternoon, according to Daniel Pink, author of, “When: The Scientific Secrets Read more