Jun 14, 2018, 3:49 AM ET

Suspect at large after 4 cars struck by gunfire near Seattle airport


Authorities are searching for at least one person who opened fire on four cars traveling down Highway 509 near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The highway near the airport was shut down for more than five hours while Washington Highway Patrol searched for the shooter Wednesday afternoon.

Seattle resident Mary Ertl's windshield was one of those struck.

"I heard a boom and then glass all over my face," Ertl told ABC affiliate KOMO. "I thought it was a rock until I looked at the passenger side, and then I knew it was a bullet. ... So I slowed down, and called police."

Although no one was hurt, the western-most runway at the airport also was temporarily closed as a precaution. The highway later fully reopened as well.

Investigators told KOMO the shooter likely was on foot, on the side of the highway, based on the trajectory of the bullets. Each vehicle was hit on the driver's side.

"When we're arriving at things like this, we are putting on our active-shooter gear -- which is a blessing to have -- the heavier vests that stops rifles and helmets," trooper Rick Johnson told KOMO.

News - Suspect at large after 4 cars struck by gunfire near Seattle airport

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  • ohyes2011

    Glad no one was hurt


    Guns keeping us safer.

  • Sal Monela

    I hope they were shooting at those damn Chevy's; those cars have always been problems! Definitely can't trust them.

  • RRbane

    Another Lowe life coward on the loose, i hope they capture or destroy him very soon.

  • allison kirkpatric

    Just another day in Second Amendment Land...

  • James Hurley

    Police Detectives offer substantial cash reward for the information that leads to capture of this Felon.

  • John Smith

    Holes are to big for an AR-15
    Possibly a .50 cal muzzle loader

  • allison kirkpatric

    Round up all gun owners in the area for questioning - one of them is your perp.

  • Snout

    What a crazy country!

  • Greg Smith

    I think the shooter was just having fun with his toy. Lucky no one got hurt.

  • Indy

    Hoping and praying that Law Enforcement gets the shooter before the shooter ends up seriously injuring, or worse killing someone. Only a true coward would do something like this imo.