May 25, 2018, 1:54 PM ET

Flynn tweets photo of Harvey Weinstein with Hillary Clinton


A tweet Friday morning from a former top Trump advisor set Twitter afire, reading simply, “Dgfffcf,” with an apparent picture of Hillary Clinton and controversial movie mogul Harvey Weinstein at a dinner event.

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The mysterious phrase appeared to be from the Twitter account of Gen. Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor.

Flynn pled guilty in December to making false statements related to his contact with Russians - reduced charges in exchange for cooperating in the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

Flynn last tweeted the day after he pled guilty.

Twitter followers pounced. Many offering a link to a once mysterious Trump tweet, “Covefe.”

The tweet was ultimately deleted, and Flynn’s son sent out a tweet-explainer of his own, “FYI @GenFlynn Twitter account was hacked this morning....currently addressing...”

A source confirmed this to ABC News saying, “It appears that his Twitter account was hacked. General Flynn did not send the tweet.”

Weinstein on Friday turned himself into police in New York City to face rape and sexual misconduct charges, before being released on $1 million cash bail and fitted with a GPS tracking device.

In the photo, sitting alongside Clinton and Weinstein - which appeared to be from Planned Parenthood's 100th-anniversary gala last year- was Huma Abedin, top confidante to the former Secretary of State.

Abedin’s ex-husband, disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner, created a firestorm on Twitter when a lewd selfie was posted to his account. He claimed, at first, that he had been hacked. That was later proved untrue.

News - Flynn tweets photo of Harvey Weinstein with Hillary Clinton

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  • Jen Bordon

    Flynn - guilty of selling our democracy to the Russians.
    Do I care what he tweets about?

  • Unomas

    Clinton defends rapists, so of course she's hanging out with Weinstein! Abdeen was married to a sexual predator. Yup, this picture absolutely sums up the "democratic resilience" clinton speaking about while recieving the Radcliffe medal at Harvard yesterday. This picture featuring 3 notorious leaders/criminals pretty much captures Americas great leadership!

  • Lee Thompson

    I'm not sure I believe Flynn's son's claim that his father's twitter account has been hacked . . . when do these people ever tell the truth?

  • Lee Thompson

    Well, Trump better hop right on that and demand an investigation . . .

  • arriba65

    Must be nice to tweet about fake problems when you have such real ones of your own!

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    There are photos of any number of famous people with Weinstein. So what? Judi Dench swears she had no idea of his lewd behavior, despite their association over the years. Why should Clinton have? (He appears to have been into younger, less powerful women).

    And hacked? Sure it was.

  • whitepine

    And to think this man lead troops in our military?

  • Orange McCarthy Slush

    Yup, almost as bad as being photographed with Putin at an event.
    This one is for the Trumpsters out there: So, plenty of photos of her with Bill, so what’s his point?
    For the Trump haters; yup, almost as bad as the photos of her with that pervert Trump.

  • Renate

    Oh yea. Right!!!

  • Abuck Stops Here

    Always nice to hear from convicted commies. Thanks komreade flynn.

  • Fatesrider

    You know, if either of them was running for any public office, this might have had some relevance. But the stress must be getting to Flynn if he thinks that kind of thing has any impact on people who can actually think for themselves.

    Those who can't will foam at the mouth and rant, but, then, they do that for anything, so that's nothing new.

    It would seem Mr. Flynn, a former Army general, is desperately trying to prove that the higher up in the chain of command have no damned clue what they're doing (at least to those of us enlisted folks, current and former) and just go with the first thing that almost sounds like it would work.

    I respect him for his service, but dayam... That kind of idiocy is not what the PUBLIC expects from a U.S. Army General (former or otherwise). We enlisted (former and otherwise) sort of expect it, though. It's almost like a military tradition.

  • GWC

    Mr. "Lock her up" really just needs to shut the h... up. The man is a convicted felon and Hillary is not.

  • Betty Bloop

    is anyone tweeting out flynn's canceled checks from erdogan?

  • pksk531

    Maybe I should join twitter and copy the photos of Trump with Weinstein. So stupid.

  • Renate

    He's got big ones. There are plenty out there.

  • cptUSAG

    There will many pics of Flynn in his striped prison garb

  • My Name Is Nobody

    I sent Gen Flynn a photo of Trump with his BFF Jeffery Epstein, who is a convicted felony child molester and sexual abuser. But I'm sure Gen Flynn with not be phased.

  • Prophet With Honor


  • Robin Shuman

    Three stars and still a traitor, some people are saying. Literally, everyone is saying that 3 stars are ...

  • Zqueen

    Wow - Flynn is really a looser.

  • CantStoptheSignal

    Clinton should post the picture of Flynn sitting with Putin at a dinner party in Russia...

  • Sheila Cloudcroft

    Interesting...especially given his surrender today. Lots of strange goings-on...pedophiles, rapists, alleged traitors selling secrets to foreign players for money...and then we have Weinstein...

  • Prophet With Honor

    The mystery word looks very

  • OliverWendellSr

    Even better photo of Weinstein and both Mel and tRump from 2009,
    10/10/2017 business insider.
    Flynn has too much time on his hands - for now.

  • Bernard Sandan

    Hellary and Huma hangs out with bad boy Harvey or else he won't fund her campaign and donate to her foundation.

  • Planet Earth

    Sure Flynn Jr, it was "hacked." Too cowardly a family to even own up to your childish tweets