Mar 13, 2018, 10:14 PM ET

Teacher accidentally fires gun at school


A California teacher is believed to have accidentally fired his weapon in a classroom today.

Seaside police officers were summoned to Seaside High School Tuesday after the teacher, who was teaching a public safety class, discharged the weapon, police said in a statement.

Officials said one student was injured either by a bullet fragment or ceiling debris and transported to a local hospital by his parent for treatment. No one was seriously injured.

PHOTO: Seaside High School in Seaside California is seen here in this undated Google Maps image. Google Maps
Seaside High School in Seaside California is seen here in this undated Google Maps image.

The teacher involved was identified by police as Dennis Alexander, who is a reserve police officer for the City of Sand City as well.

The incident is under investigation.

News - Teacher accidentally fires gun at school

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  • Cougracer67 .

    Happy yet, NRA gun nuts?

  • Jon

    What no one seems to talk about is how this whole idea over training the teachers to be gun-ready would NOT HAVE PREVENTED THE PARKLAND SHOOTING. Cruz deliberately pulled the fire alarm so all of the students and teachers (unprepared or not) would've ran into the open hallways when he rained bullets on them. You tell me how Rambo himself would've prevented multiple kids from being killed as a result of that.

  • Bryan Chaides

    This comment got removed for no reason so I’m reposting it. ABC/Disquis I guess don’t like free speech. Nothing here is offensive or vulgar and more than likely a chump supporter flagged it. ABC you need to review messages before blocking them.

    Donald Chump aka “Daniel Dennison” Suggests Making a New Branch of The Military Called the “Space Force”. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣 he’s obviously watched too many starship trooper movies.

  • Samuel Weir

    I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea of allowing a few specially selected and trained individuals at a school to have access to a secured firearm in the event of an emergency, but I think that this incident illustrates the problem with the NRA's "more and more guns are the solution" approach to school shootings. The rate of accidental gun discharges, and lost or stolen guns at schools will increase in direct proportion to the number of people who have guns on campus. This downside is never addressed or even acknowledged by the NRA or most proponents of the idea of having more guns in schools.

  • QuestionAuth

    I don't own a gun, so, when I have an accidental discharge, it's usually more or less benign.

  • Lee Thompson

    Perfect example as to why arming teachers is a bad idea. A student was taken to a hospital for treatment of an injury incurred during this "mishap". and it happened in a "public safety class" . . . Unbelievable.
    Someone teaching a safety class discharges a gun 'accidentally'. You can't make this stuff up.

  • Top shelf

    And yet the idiot politicians owned by the NRA — Trump chief among them — think arming teachers is the way to go.

  • QuestionAuth

    Give that teacher a raise.
    - D.T. Rump

  • Ronald Bandor

    "Teaching a public safety class". lol.

  • Cat

    HUCKY01 oh it must be nice to never make a mistake..........................but I bet you love being a bully huh!!!
    Doesn't surprise with it...@ss.....

  • fmd160

    Okay, a Teacher and a School Resource Officer have "accidentally" discharged a gun in a school just this week. What could possibly go wrong by arming teachers? Scary, isn't it?

  • Yvonne

    I've talked to teachers who are a) uncomfortable as hell with the thought that they are responsible for this now on top of teaching responsibilities and aren't ready to sign up to act as the school's "Dirty Harriett", or b) uncomfortable with the thought that other teachers who have trouble running a projector at school might be handed a gun and asked to protect students or c) afraid a group of students could work together to disarm a teacher in either one or multiple rooms and create a hostile take-over and shoot the place up worse than ever. They claim that some students are bigger or taller than the teachers and it's a worry.

  • Cat

    yep, sounds good, let's are them, I think they are ready!
    a good reason it's STUPID

  • George Columbo

    Yes, so much for armed teachers eh? Jeez, I could do better.

  • Scott McNamara

    Why isn't the headline "Police Officer Accidentally Discharges Weapon in school?" Oh wait...that doesn't fit the media narrative. Got it. That distinction is not made until the very last section.

  • IAM Peace

    And the GOP says to solve a gun problem we need more guns. What are we truly teaching our children. The Indian and Cowboy days is where we should be today? Teachers should carry guns instead of teaching our children to handle their problems a better way? What type of world exist where everyone carries a gun instead of using the intelligence and mind we were gifted with.

  • felix_navidad

    More guns! More guns!

  • Blue Wave

    "But I thought the gun was unloaded!"

  • Prophet With Honor


  • sadie220

    kids are much safer if the teachers have guns...ugh

  • Rodney Bayburn

    Well, that went well! Good job trump and the NRA.

  • Bree Zee

    So glad we're only going to allow the "qualified" teachers to have weapons in our classrooms.

  • concernedvoter

    When one of these Teachers accidentally kills a Student or Fellow Teacher can the Parents of that Child or Fellow Teacher Sue Presdident Trump for his Brilliant Solution to this Gun Problem?

  • Robertarvid Johnson

    President Reagan despite being accompanied by a troop of armed bodyguards was nearly lost to us by being attacked by one armed deranged assassin. I cannot see how the about 10% on our schoolteachers who are qualified to each be a bodyguard for about 30 children can benefit our families. (I recall that it was Reagan who as an economy measure released all of the incompetents from certain California institutions).

  • DuelingDogmas

    What could possibly go wrong by arming people already in a high stress environment where they are demonized and disrespected by both parents and children alike?

    I wonder if Trump will pay their medical bills.

  • concernedvoter

    So Mr. Imbecile President, Who is going to buy these Guns for all these Teachers? Who's going to pay for their Training and Insurance? Will Teachers killed trying to defend students recieve a Death Benefit for their Families? When one of these Teachers shoots the wrong Kid do they go to jail or are excused for an oops moment? When the Responding Police shoot the teacher what then? Will they face being Sued for Wrongful Death? Who will pay for all this since you just gave away 1.5 Trillion Dollars in Tax Breaks to your Billionaire Buddies?

  • KansanJayHawks

    "The teacher involved was identified by police as Dennis Alexander, who is a reserve police officer for the City of Sand City as well."

    One has to ask how "trained" teachers are suppose to handle a firearm correctly when police officers are not able to.

  • concernedvoter

    Luckily it didn't kill one of the Students..

  • concernedvoter

    Trumps Response" Sht happens, once they complete their online Swat Training they'll be fine...

  • concernedvoter


  • ItsOnlyaFleshWound

    I can see how some would view arming teachers as one solution to the problem of gun violence in our schools, and understand that perhaps former military and other weapons capable/trained educators might be interested in this. However, I'm also concerned that there is GREAT POTENTIAL for accidents and maybe even improper gun useage...and thus that the RISKS of arming educators might outweigh potential GAINS. Any good RESEARCH on this topic?

  • Justbkind16

    One of the reasons why your bright idea about arming teachers doesn't make sense, oh grand poobah, President Mc Donald.

  • Emma Lou #2

    "the teacher, who was teaching a public safety class, discharged the weapon," there should be zero guns in school.